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Despite the plethora of literature on Lagos, little is known on the transformational history of the major groups in the state as well as its contributions to national development. The aborigines of the state have slim remembrance of the past; the later migrants and settlers who have benefitted in various ways from the state and have sometimes contributed to her problems have no adequate knowledge on the land and peoples of the state.

This has accounted for wrong information and misrepresentation of the various groups and communities in the state. Of such erroneous view points are that, ‘Lagos is no man’s land’, Gbogbo wa l’ al eko’- ‘We all own Lagos.’ these assumptions rest on fallacy rather than historical reality. Knowledge however, is the only vaccine that we have for ignorance, this is why the effort of Late Dr. Kunle – Lawal, the former Commissioner for Education, Lagos State. Prof. A. O. K. Noah, the former Provost of the College and Mr. Hakeem Ajose – Adeogun, also the former provost of the college, the then Deputy Provost are highly commendable for establishing the Centre for Lagos Studies (CEFOLAS) on August 2001 through the Academic Board. This was a major complement to the effort of the History Department of the College that commenced the Awori studies in 1994

The objectives of this centre (CEFOLASS) are:

Creation of enlightenment through lectures; symposia, conferences, seminars and sponsorship of research into the history, culture, economic and socio-political life of the people of Lagos State.
Documentation and publication of studies, surveys and report on monuments, events, festivals and other tourist potentials to help boost domestic and international tourism in the state,
Assisting the government to refocus developmental programmes and policies towards people economic empowerment,
Making accessible a broad range of environmental and socio-economic data to assist in the promotion of good governance,
Designing and teaching a course, entitled ‘Lagos and its Environ’ to students of the college
The centre has published Five different public lectures on issues relating to the land and people of Lagos State. The current publication entitled The Evolution and Development of Lagos State is another attempt at fulfilling the obligation of the centre and edict that established the college.


The Image of Lagos State in Nigeria Novels (4th April,2002)
Lagos from the Earliest Time to British Occupation. Published (16th May,2002)
Sub Ethnic Lagosian &Inheritance: Matter Arising. Published (29th Octomber,2002)
The Obaship Tradition in Lagos State and its Relevance to Modern Day Governance. Published (July 29,2003)
Resource Creation, Control & Consciousness In Lagos State: The Cultural Determinants. Published, (17th August,2004)


Lecture series
Offers assistance to researcher
Designs and teaches of course “Lagos and it’s Environs’ to students of the college.



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