Sandwich Degree Programmes

The Directorate, with the approval of the Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti Senate runs the same set of degree courses available in the full-time Undergraduate programmes on an affiliation status.

The Centre runs:

Five years degree programme.
Four years degree programme, both on sandwich basis.

Programme Objectives

To provide in-service training programmes for teachers in order to improve their professionalism.
To update practising teachers’ knowledge on current development in their disciplines.
To provide instructional courses leading to Bachelor Degree in Sciences, Arts and Social Science, Vocational and Technical courses with bias for teaching.
To accommodate candidates who are not privileged to pursue full time university education programme.
To encourage life long education.
To provide basis for cross fertilization of knowledge and idea through conferences, seminars, workshops, and study groups for the purpose of improving instruction and learning.
To in-still professionalism ethics in students during the course of study.
To produce graduates that would be able to teach competently and efficiently at the primary and the secondary school levels.
Entry requirements can be accessed in the University Prospectus and Students Hand Book.


For further info, contact the Director, Directorate of Degree Programme, AOCOED, Otto/Ijanikin.