Mr Adigun A.O.

Dean of Vocational and Technical Education

Name:                       Adigun, Asimiyu Oladunjoye

Date of Birth:         14th November 1957

Nationality:             Nigerian

Marital Status:       Married With 4 Children

Date Assumed Duty: 2nd January 1986

Present Status:      Chief Lecturer 

E-Mail Address:;

Phone Number:      08037271351


Institutions                                              Qualification                                            Date

Ahmadiya Grammar school, Ibadan          WASC/GCE                                                  June 77

The Polytechnic, Ibadan.                              HND {Electronics}                                     Sept.83

University of Benin, Benin City                  PGDE {Technical                                        Nov. 90         

University of Benin ,Benin City                  M.ED   Education)                                     Nov. 95

National Open University of Nig.               P.GD Information Tech.                             Oct., 2012


i.              Member, Nigerian Association of Teachers of Technology (MNATT)

ii.           Member, Science Teacher Association of Nigeria (MSTAN)

iii.         Member, Nigerian Institute of Science Technology (MNIST)

iv.         Member, Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN)



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Adigun, A. O. (2015). Introduction to Electronic communications. Lagos: Ladun   Publications.

Adigun, A.O (2017), Introductory Electronics for Schools and Colleges Lagos: Ladun publications (In press)

Journal Publication and Others

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