Office of the Provost

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Office of the Provost houses the Chief Executive Officer who doubles as the Chief Accounting Officer of the College.
According to Edict No 20 of June 6, 1986 which established the College, the head of the institution should be addressed as “Provost”.  However, before the said edict, the head of the institution was addressed as “Principal”, that was when the school was still a Grade III and Grade II Teacher Training College.
Many Provosts had been appointed in the past. however, on January 12, 2016, the Moderator of the College, His Excellency, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode appointed Dr. (Mrs.) Ladele, Omolola Aina as the first female substantive Provost of the 59- year old institution.
The Provost is charged with the general responsibility for matters relating to the day to day management of the College.  She is also a statutory member of the Governing Council, Chairman of the Academic Board, Chairman, Appointments and Promotions Committee (Senior) among other functions.

Units under the Office


To be an academic citadel focused on delivery of quality instruction and service aimed at registering excellence on the sand of time.

Related Units

Student Affairs
Internal Audit
Sports Council

Members of Staff

1. Dr. (Mrs.) Ladele O. A. NCE ’81, B.SC (Ed) ’85, M.Phil ’90, Ph.D ‘13 Provost
2. Mr. Folaranmi B. A. WASC ’92, B.SC ’98, PDGE ’05, MBA ‘12 Deputy Registrar
3. Mr. Adeniran M. A. GCE ’91. B.SC ’94 MPA 05 Principal Assistant Registrar
4. Mrs Egboh F. B. WASC ’88, B.SC (Ed) ‘95 Senior Assistant Registrar
5. Mr. Ojoare M. O. GCE ’81, DIP IN SEC ’89, RSA II & III ’90, B.SC (Ed) ‘07 Chief Typist
6. Mrs. Olatunji P. M. WASC ’84, GCE ‘87 Chief Clerical Officer
7. Mr. Jinadu A. FSLC ’86, SSCE ’92, B.SC ‘09 Chief Clerical Officer
8. Mr. Atota S. A. FSLC ’73, S ’75, WASSCE ‘10 Head Office Attendant
Community and Corporate Relations