AOCOED Health Centre


AOCOED Health Centre started at the inception of the College.


  • Provision of comprehensive medical care services for students, staff and family (Up to 4 children);
  • Provision of other ancillary health services like:
    • Pre-employment medical examination and certification of medical paper of New staff.
    • Pre-admission medical examinations, issuing medical clearance and registration of all new students in the College Health Centre.
    • diagnostic health services including medical laboratory test and X-ray facilities:
    • admission facility for more severe medical cases:
    • preventive health services including Immunization, Health Education, and Environmental Health Services:
    • Collaborative Health Services with Local and State Government such as Immunization Campaign; Tuberculosis and Leprosy control.
    • Extending medical services to the immediate community of the College.
    • Dispensing of drugs to students, staff and their dependants in and out patient
    • Purchasing of drugs.
    • Taking stock of the drugs in the store with the Internal and External Auditor
    • To ensure everyone is conscious of their health, take precautions and able to maintain and achieve good health for all.
    • To give adequate care to those who have one health challenge or the other.     
    • To identify tuberculosis suspect and screening of the tuberculosis suspects.
    • Management of tuberculosis cases.
    • Contact tracing of TB suspects to prevent it from spreading.
    • To provide a first class diagnostic services while achieving excellence in Health Care Delivery.


Rendering comprehensive medical services that is free, readily available, and complete to staff and students in the College, including staff dependants. Extending such services to the immediate community and also working in collaboration with Local and State Government and other Health Agencies in improving the Health Care Delivery system of Lagos State and Nigeria in general.


The following Departments exist at the AOCOED Health Centre:

  • Medical Unit
  • Nursing Unit
  • Radiology Unit
  • Laboratory Diagnostic Unit
  • Pharmacy Unit
  • Preventive Health Care Unit; and
  • Administrative Unit.

Related Units

Internal Audit
Sports Council

Members of Staff

1. Dr. Ajogbasile S. O. Wasc’75

HSC 77

MBBS (Lb) 1982

Medical Director
2. Mrs. Fasinro O. M. Rm, 85

Rn, 89

Bsc Ed 2007

Med 2012

Chief Nursing Officer
3. Mrs Abosede O. A. Rn 1993

Rm 1996

Chief Nursing Officer
4. Mrs. Tunwashe F. O. Nigeria Registered Nurse (Nrn)

Nigeria Registered Midwife (Nrm)

Bnsc Nursing Science

Chief Nursing Officer
5. Mr. Adelani J. T. Pg Dehm

W.A.H.E.B – 93

Environmental Health Officer Cert. 1993

Nist, 1989 Unilorin

L.T.Ts, 1989

Gce Ol 89, Gve 1990

Chief Health Superintendent
6. Mrs. Oni E. I. Nigeria Registered Nurse

Registered Midwife

Bsc.Ed Health Education

Ado-Ekiti University

Asst. Chief Nursing Officer
7. Mrs Saliu O. D. Nigeria Registered Nurse

Retistered Midwife

Bsc Nursing Sci

8. Mrs. Adewale A. N. Registered Nurse’96

Registered Midwife’99

Family Planning’99

Bsc.Ed Health Education

9. Mrs. Ekanem M. E. General Nursing’93

Midwife 1986

Public Health 1991

Asst. Chief Nursing Officer
10. Mrs. Daudu T. V. Rm 1991

Rn  1995

Principal Nursing Officer
11.  Mrs Adedina A. O. Pharmacy Technician Certificate

Bsc.Ed 2006

`Chief Pharmacy Technician
12. Mrs. Ajasa E. X-Ray Technician Certificate Senior

X-Ray Technician

13. Mrs. Essien E. E. X-Ray Technician Certificate Senior X-Ray Technician
14. Mrs. Adetutu F. O. HND  Micro Biology 2007

Aislt 2012

Reg. No 8375


Laboratory Technologist 1

15. Mr. Ojoare Y. I. Waec 1980

Diploma In General Nursing Certificate 1985

Staff Nurse
16. Mrs. Adekunle V. O. Ond,’96

HND ‘2001

Pde 2015



Officer 1

17. Miss Balogun L. NCE, 2004

Bsc.Ed 2008

Nabteb 2007



18. Mrs. Adefalu C. O. Dip Edu 2004

Gce 1990

Wasc 1986

Chief Clerical Officer
19. Mrs. Emmanuel M. M. Gce Grade 11 Chief Clerical Officer
20. Mrs. Hassan B. A. Wasc’ 1986 Chief Clerical Officer
21. Miss Agemo E. O. Lgp Chief Clerical Officer
22. Mrs. Adaramola Tc 11

Gce, Nce’04

Bsc 2011

Chief Clerical Officer
23. Mrs. Akanni T. A. Fslc Office Attendant
24. Mr. Visu V. Fslc, ‘1977 Dry Cleaner
25. Mr. Abdulgafar T. Fslc, ‘97

Waec 2003

26. Mrs. Jola O. G. Bsc Micro Biology 2014 Laboratory Technologist
Community and Corporate Relations
Students’ Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES)