Internal Audit

About Us

The Internal Audit department of AOCOED was established in July, 1988 as a unit directly responsible to the Chief Executive when the College Governing Council appointed a college Auditor. Prior to the appointment, auditing had been carried out on periodic and temporary basis by the Auditors from the Ministry of Education.


  • To ensure that the activities of the college are conducted in compliance with the requirements of the law setting up the college and in line with the standard financial practice.
  • To ensure that the assets of the college are safeguarded and liabilities truly incurred and all expenditures are properly approved.
  • To ensure that all revenues and receipts due to the college are collected and properly collated for reasonable accountability.
  • To prepare audit plan/programme.
  • To provide audit report to the Governing Council, Management etc.


To be a top class department in the College whose objectives and ways of conducting its activities can be attested to by everyone in the College and its environs.

Scope and Responsibilities/Services Provided

  • To act as an additional measure of internal check of the College accounting procedure.
  • Serving as an effective measure of internal control as necessary pre-payment and operational audit methods are employed for all payments.

Divisions in the Unit and Mode of Operations

  • General Administration and Registry
  • Expenditure
  • Salaries and Wages
  • Student Account
  • Store and Asset Registry
  • Final Account and Management Information
  • Frauds and Investigations
  • Final Entitlements, and
  • Contracts.


  • The unit has been able to curb the printing of fake receipts by students. Moreover, payment audit errors have been avoided.
  • The unit has also been able to monitor the implementation of internal control in the system.

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Members of Staff

1. Mr. Isiaka N.O PGDM,HND,CNA Chief Int. Auditor
2. Mr. Olayeye O. ACA,HND,ACCT Asst Chief Internal Auditor
3. Mrs. Ige Titilope HND,ND,PGDE ACCT. Senior Exe. Officer
4. Mrs. Oni-David M. B.SC, ND.ACCT Senior Executive officer
5. Mrs. Owoyemi M. B.ED, DIP, RSA. Secretary
6. Mrs. Akinosi K.F B.SC,I.R.P.M Chief clerical officer
7. Mrs. Sharomi S. B.A,HISTORY &INTERNATIONAL RELATION Chief Clerical officer
8. Mrs. Alagbe E. B.ED,GCE Clerical Officer
Community and Corporate Relations