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Mr. Kola Bakare (Dean)

Welcome to School of Arts and Social Sciences

The School which is a baby of the former Advanced Teachers’ College now Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education with nine departments. The present School of Languages used to be part of the School until 1992.

About Us

Our faculty brings together scholars and students from across an extraordinary range of academic disciplines in a learning community that is dedicated to the discovery and enrichment of the arts, humanities and social sciences. We are artists, entrepreneurs, scholars and practitioners working on the pleasures and challenges of our times.

Each year we welcome more than five thousand bright and dedicated students onto our degree programmes. Our teaching is recognised to be amongst the very best in the country, and we are proud of our contribution towards good learning advancements every year.

Our students know that strong ideals must be coupled with excellence in practice. Surrey’s professional training year gives students the opportunity to work outside the School, but as part of their programme of study. Our approach to learning sees students apply their theoretical learning to current world problems. We take great pride in our commitment to our students and from their achievements. Our alumni hold senior positions across the world and we are proud of the contribution they make to society.


The Arts and Social Science disciplines are out to explore the basic questions concerning man, his society and his relationship with the metaphysical world. In essence, the School of Arts and Social Sciences seek to draw the teacher and his students into a mutual dialogue about their collective realities.

Scope and Responsibilities / Services provided

  • Production of NCE teachers of Arts and Social Science subjects.
  • Helping students acquire the basic knowledge and values needed to enhance the quality of their lives and the life of the nation
  • Helping students acquire the spirit of self – reliance, positive self-image and a balanced personality.
  • Preparing students for life-long education.



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Explore the various departments and interdisciplinary programs of the School of Arts & Social Sciences
Department Of Christian Religious Studies

Prior to 1987, the Department was known as the Department of Religions.  However, in 1987 it was separated into the Department of Christian Religious Studies and Islamic Studies.  Consequently, the two departments were separated and assumed autonomous status as it is today in the College.

Department Of Social Studies

The Social Studies Department of this college as it exists today is characterized by historical transformation which started as a Unit in 1988. It started with a population of about three hundred students (300) who combined Social Studies with a variety of other courses like Economics, History, Islamic Studies, and Geography. The Unit was headed by Dr. M.B. Lawal.

Department Of Geography

The teaching of Geography in the College started with the introduction of the teaching of secondary school subjects in the 1976/77 session. In 1980, the Department took a major stride in the development of the curriculum for the teaching of Geography. The result was that the standard of the Department’s NCE products could compete favorably with 200- level Geography students in any University.  No wonder, two ex-students of the College obtained First Class Degree Certificates in Geography in the University.

Department Of Economics

Economics is a subject that is desired by all citizens either as producers or as consumers so as to acquire knowledge of the economic system and how it works. The insight derivable from the study of Economics frees the minds of recipients from the shackles of ignorance and chance events, but equips them with solutions to problems of our country. It further enables the development of critical thinking required for making logical contribution towards economic growth and development of a given nation.

Department Of History

The Department of History is as old as the College. When AOCOED was Advanced Teachers’ College, the Department offered History courses for the NCE Primary. When the College became autonomous, it offers NCE Secondary and Pre NCE Courses.

Department Of Theatre Arts

The Department, which came into existence and became fully operational in 1999/2000 session, was a realisation of expectations after a long period of theatrical activities in the College under the aegis of the Department of English. It was from the School of Languages that the proposal for establishment of the Department emanated. The Department took off with two lecturers; one Senior Lecturer in English and the other a Lecturer III in General Studies who came in as an Associate Lecturer.

Department Of Music

The Department initially began as the Department of Creative/Cultural Arts comprising Music, Fine Art and Drama.

Department Of Islamic Studies

The Department was carved out of the former Religious Studies Department in September 1987 to teach courses that are exclusively related to Islamic Education with three lecturers namely; L.O. Jimoh (Dr.), Ayelokun M.K. and Bello J.I. Both the courses being taught and pattern of admission are in line with the NCCE Minimum Standard.

Department Of Cultural and Creative Arts
Department Of Political Science