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Mr. Akinuli Olumide2
Mr. Akinuli O. (H.O.D.)

A very warm welcome to The Department of Cultural and Creative Arts was officially established on the 5th of September 2014. I was subsequently made the HOD of the Department the same day. The aims behind the creation of the Department are to fill the void created in the Junior Secondary School Curriculum. It is meant to provide would-be teachers in (JSS) as presently constituted in our Junior Secondary Schools. It is hope that when the students graduated they would be able to teach Cultural and Creative Arts in the Junior Secondary School.

Cultural and Creative Arts comprise of three Arts inter-related subjects which are music, visual and applied arts and theatre Art.

Vission and Mission

The vision and mission of the course is to first and foremost make students fully aware of the significance and roles of the arts in culture and the importance of their artistic heritage. Secondly to inculcate artistic and academic excellence in the students; thirdly to produce academically and professionally well trained NCE teachers capable of teaching Cultural and Creative Arts at the basic 7-9 school levels. Last but not the least to help students acquire adequate skills and competence for higher education in the arts at the relevant faculty.   

Core Values

It is hoped that at the completion of the course, students will be able to exhibit good rapport amongst their fellow colleagues of other departments. More so, they would be able to showcase the artistic instincts in them in terms of the inter-relatedness of the course.