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Mr. Taiwo D. (H.O.D.)

It is with pleasure that I welcome you to the Department of Geography, Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education. The Department is unique in the sense that it trains teachers who appreciate the earth as the home of man because it inculcates in them the knowledge of the interactions which exist between man and the environment. Our main goal is to make all human activities sustainable through teaching and learning. The department of geography has over the years made the field our classroom by engaging our students in field work activity which is one of our major method of teaching. Our students are also involved in local geography as they carry out an extensive field and local study of our local community, Otto and Ijanikin. They are guided in the identification of the activities, prospects and problems of community and suggest solutions. The lecturers in the department are all specialised in physical, human and curriculum geography. They are all using modern techniques and adopting the latest trends in teaching geography.

About Us

The Department of Geography started as a discipline in the college with the introduction of the teaching of secondary schools’ subject in 1976/1977 session. In 1980, the department took a major stride in the development of the curriculum for the teaching of geography. The result was the standard of our NCE products could compete favourably with 200- level geography students in our Universities. This change resulted in the preparation of our students for effective teaching of geography in secondary schools. It also prepares them for higher education. There was also the introduction of qualitative concepts and teaching of models in Economic Geography into the programme in line with the university approach. Presently the Department has shifted its attention having satisfied the content as required by the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) and to infuse contemporary issues in to our discipline. We have also shifted our mode of instructional delivery while the lecture method still dominates the department has taken advantage of the Continuous Assessment and reporting investigation. The department has specialists in Physical, Human Geography and Curriculum geography. There are plans to set up a modern geography laboratory to cater for the Modern Geography as a discipline. In addition, the curriculum methods practicum in the department adopts the latest methods of instruction teachers in training produce teaching aids, improvise teaching aids. They are trained in the use of Geographical equipment like the Global Positioning Systems (GPS), survey instruments etc. We are introducing our teachers in training of the new innovations like Geographic Information Systems, which is the new aspect of geography being introduced into the geography curriculum.

Mission and Vision

  • To develop in the student-teachers appropriate skills in the teaching of geography at primary and post primary using Morden tools and methods understanding
  • Giving an understanding an accounting for spatial distribution of the earth resources
  • To develop in the student-teachers skills of learning basic techniques of carrying out map interpretation and analysis basic land and air surveys, field and laboratory methods and to and adapt to the use of Morden tools and equipment’s including geographic information technology
  • To seek and provide succour to victims of physical hazards

Core Value

  • Learning and developing new descriptive, interpretative and analytical techniques of studying the earth and activities of man
  • Develop practical skills and methodologies of understanding geographical features phenomena and processes
  • Search for explanation in geography such as why certain processes behave in the way they do
  • Promoting teaching and learning in geography

Scope and Responsibilities/Services Provided

The department is headed by a Head of Department, who reports the Dean of school of Arts and social science, the Dean reports the Provost, they all are members of the academic Board, which is the main decision body of the college, the provost and the Registrar and members of management reports to council.

The Responsibilities of the Head of Department

  • He offers Academic and Administrative Leadership in the Department;
  • Co-ordination of Activities of existing units, and all staff and students in the department;
  • Disciplinary control of staff and students in the department;
  • Organization, Coordination and Supervision of Internal Examination;
  • Preparation of Annual Budget proposals for the Department;
  • General Administrative activities of the Department;
  • Collection, Collation and Presentation of Results; of students in the Department;
  • Any Duties as assigned by the Dean.

The Responsibilities of the Teaching staff

  • Teaching courses in their area of specialization:
  • Administration of continuous assessment:
  • Preparation of Examination Questions and marking Guides in line with NCCE Minimum Standards:
  • Marking and Collation of scores
  • Assessment of Micro Teaching
  • Supervision of Field work.
  • Supervision of practical’s in all courses
  • Project Supervision

Students' Welfare

Student’s welfare is carried out by all lecturers in the department, there is a student’s adviser who is appointed by the head of department to attend to the welfare of students and reports to the head of department, the head of department meets with the students and he passes information concerning welfare of students from management and academic board. The department is involved in the counselling on academic issues and personal challenges affecting the students 


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Members of Staff

1 Mr. Omofhemih A.P. GCE’78, WASC’79, B.SC.84, PGDE’95, M.SC.’99 Principal Lecturer
2 Mr. De-lima T.T. WASC’83, NCE’90 B.SC.’94, M.ED’96 Principal Lecturer  (HOD)
3 Mr. Kuwande B.S. SSCE’93, OND’96, B.SC(ED)’05, M.SC’08 Lecturer I
4 Mr. Efobi O.R. WASC’71,HSC’72, B.SC’77, PGDE’82, M.SC’82 Lecturer Quantitative Geography
5 Mr. Badru G. NCE ’04; B.SC’07; M.SC ’11 Laboratory Coordinator
6 Mr. Opene B. Departmental Liaison Officer

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