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Mr. Sanni M. O. (H.O.D.)

A very warm welcome to The Department of Political Science which was established in 1979 when the College was upgraded to N.C.E Awarding Institution. It was not taught as a full-fledged Political Science Course but as Government combined with Economics and Geography.

In 1989, the course was canceled from the College as a result of students’ unrest on the campus. However, it was later resuscitated in 1999 under the leadership of Dr. A.O.K Noah and thus, the name was changed from Government to Political Science with other courses combined.


The mission is to produce capable students with Nigeria Certificate in Education to teach at both Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) and Senior Secondary Schools (SSS) in Nigeria. It is also geared at graduating knowledgeable, skillful, caring, balanced and outstanding students that can think critically and solve problems with a goal of becoming global leaders, entrepreneurs and responsible adults.


The vision of this citadel of learning is to produce students that are capable of achieving their potentials through the efforts and activities of knowledgeable lecturers that are qualified and dutiful. It is also to train graduates capable of managing educational and the administrative system in Nigeria, to produce quality teachers for the Basic Education like Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary Schools and to prepare teachers with knowledge and skills required to teach effectively at the different levels and areas of the Basic Education Programme.


  • The programme is designed to equip the students with the skills, knowledge and methodology needed for effective teaching of Government in Secondary Schools.
  • The primary objectives of the programme are:
  • To produce proficient teachers of Government with sound knowledge of Political Science.
  • To produce inspiring teachers of the subject who, not only possess confidence skills and techniques necessary for the teaching of the subject but also possess the proper values and attitudes towards Political Science as a discipline.
  • To inculcate the necessary values, skills and techniques for effective and moral leadership.
  • To produce the necessary training in citizenship and broaden the students’ sense and scope of participation in community as well as national affairs.
  • To produce teachers that can inspire and inculcate in the students, the values and attitudes of Pan – Africanism, African Nationalism and African brotherhood.
  • To produce teachers who can foster the growth of international co-operation, co-existence and mutual assistance.


  • The Department engages in the training of Full time N.C.E. students.
  • It engages in the training of N.C.E Part- Time students.
  • Engages in the training of students in Local Government Studies (Diploma and Certificate Programmes)
  • Participate in the annual teaching practice exercise for both Full-Time N.C.E and Part- Time N.C.E programs.
  • The Departmental Lecturers equally engage in the supervision of Long Essays (Projects) for the Full and Part-Time N.C.E, and Diploma students; respectively.


  • Responsibilities of the Lecturers in the Department are to teach and inculcate moral values in the students.
  • To guide and counsel the students on academic and personal issues.
  • Organizes quiz competition, debate, symposium, seminars, workshop and conferences for students and the College Community.



Members of Staff

1. Mr Sanni M.O B.Sc (Ed), M.Ed, M.Sc (Public Administration) Senior Lecturer (HOD)
2. Mr. Kola M. B. B.Se, M.Se, M.Ed (Internal Relations) Chief Lecturer (Dean Sass)
3 Mr. Avosetinyen M. S. Nce, B.Sc, M.Sc (Comparative Politics) Principal Lecturer
4. Adebambo W. O. Nce, B.Sc, M.Sc (Public Administration) Senior Lecturer
5. Hungevu P. E. M.Sc (Comparative Politics) Part Time Lecturer
6. Onipede T. M.Sc (International Relations) Lecturer III
7. Salau J. A. M.Sc (International Relations) Lecturer III
8. Igohorojeh L. M.Sc (Public Administration) Lecturer III
9. Mrs. Ashiru M. A. M.Sc (International Relations) Lecturer III

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