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Dr. (Mrs.) Bunmi Adedina

Theatre reflects life warts and all. The world as Shakespeare said is “a stage with its exits and entrances” So, life is Theatre and Theatre is life. As the world’s system of education becomes more learner-oriented, entertainment-driven and soars ever higher technologically, Nigeria cannot afford to lag behind. The country has all it takes to keep up with the current pace and trend. So, we propose collaboration between theatre and education as the solution. The above is the main reason for the establishment of a Department of Theatre Arts in Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education with its seasoned and up to task theatre and education practitioners. This can be said to be the summation of the role of a Department of Theatre Arts in a College of Education, reflected in the educative and didactic nature of Drama and Theatre. 

Since existence, the Department has not lagged behind rather she has been in the fore front of dynamic and innovative inventions to the upliftment and promotion of the good image of the College. This, the Department has achieved by going beyond borders to break barriers with the larger society through series of collaborative efforts involving renowned agencies and organizations such as, Lagos state Television (LTV), Committee of Wives of Lagos State Officials, Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), to mention but a few. Students are exposed to theory and praxis of the profession and are encouraged to be creative, explorative and inquisitive in the quest for knowledge and self development.  Our crops of students are driven with a zeal for professionalism. They are equally trained to be disciplined and dedicated to the teaching profession as role models, living up to expectation and making a difference in their world. They are vast in the various arts of theatre practices and have well rounded and balanced experiences which give them an edge when placed at par with their counterparts from other tertiary institutions.

Welcome, to a Department of purpose, where staff and students foster cordial relationships for a learner friendly environment. This is a Department, where hard work is the watchword, a Department of worth and value, where achievement is at its peak, a Department of repute and integrity. Welcome to our world! Welcome to the Department of Theatre Arts, AOCOED.

About Us

The Department, which came into existence and became fully operational in 1999/2000 session, was a realisation of expectations after a long period of theatrical activities in the College under the aegis of the Department of English. It was from the School of Languages that the proposal for establishment of the Department emanated. The Department took off with two lecturers one a Senior Lecturer in English and the other a Lecturer III in General Studies who came in as an Associate Lecturer. At the onset, there were only two course combinations Theatre Arts/ English and Theatre Arts / Yoruba; and the students’ population was a paltry-eight- out of which only six successfully graduated because of the programme’s rigour. In her over seventeen years of existence, the Department has risen above her constraints to become the Theatre Arts Department of choice and the best among the rest Colleges of Education in Nigeria; and today, only very few universities in the nation can compete favourably with her in its chosen career, namely, training students in the art of play production, media and film.

Unfortunately, in the early hours of March 20, 2014, the department was reduced to rubble by fire: everything went up in flames. By the directives of the College Management, the department has been relocated to the two buildings that housed the old College Clinic. Procurements and installation of necessary equipment for audio-visual studio are still on-going. Undeterred, after the fire incident, the department has recorded other practical productions.

It is not only in the area of play production that the Department has been able to show her dexterity but also in other areas. Another of such area is in Television and Film Productions. In its recent past, the Department has been a source of pride to the College and Lagos State having produced in collaboration with Lagos State Television a campus based Soap Opera titled “Campus Symphonies” and later an entertaining comedy series on the National Network Service of the Nigeria Television Authority titled ‘I Beg Your Pardon’.

The Department in conjunction with Lagos State Television was able to produce a 13 Episode TV serial titled “Campus Symphonies” The TV serial was shot, edited and packaged in relationship with Lagos Television (LTV). Though bureaucracy swamped the airing of the Soap Opera at first the TV programme was shown on LTV Television on Thursdays 8.30 9.00 p.m. a popular belt and the programme was shown against a very popular serial Super Story on the NTA Network. The fact that the Department could conceive the programme, write, shoot and edit in conjunction with LTV, implies that if given the wherewithal, the Department could do wonders and publicise the College the more.

Since 2004/2005 session, the Department has shot 12 feature films, including: What Goes Up Comes Down, The Tale and The Curse, The Sins of Sharon and others, written by lecturers and final year students for their projects in Film Production. These screen (television/film) and stage productions could be taken as the foundations on which the Department can build in order to produce not only to train students but also contribute to the College internally generated revenue, and the burgeoning Nigerian Film Industry. As the 2016 drew to its close, out of all higher institutions in Lagos State, only the department was commissioned by the Committee of Wives of Lagos State Officials at the 2016 National Women’s Conference, under the Chairmanship of  her Excellency, Mrs. Bolanle Ambode  to present a play entitled, “Bring Back Our Values”. In 2016 and 2017, the Department premiered films entitled, “Maze” and “Twinned”, successively. Soon, the film will be available for download online and for viewing as cinema on Nollywood. As part of her success story, the Department recently collaborated with Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) to produce Television commercials (TVC) on Universal Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) pre-examination preparations and expectations. Comments from all and sundry is an indication that it was a success.


To provide qualitative teacher training education in the discipline of Theatre Arts and to produce well groomed students both in theory and practise so as to adequately equip them to pursue their chosen profession either in the Theatre or in Education.

Core Values

To be the best and leading provider of teacher training education in the field of Theatre Arts by producing seasoned graduates that can compete favourably among others.

Past Heads of Department

Dr. Femi Adedina                                           1999-2005

Mr. Gbenga Windapo                                     2005-2013

Dr. (Mrs) Bunmi Adedina                              2013-2015

Mr. Hafiz Oyetoro                                          2015-2017

Dr. (Mrs)Bunmi Adedina                               2018 Till Date


1. 1999 Till date  Production and staging of over 200 plays by lecturers and students
2. 2003 13 Episode TV serial titled “Campus Symphonies” in conjunction with Lagos State Television (LTV)
3. 2004 Till Date Shooting of 14 feature films written and produced lecturers and students in the Department
4. 2008 First Position in Nigerian International Model United Nations (NIGIMUN)
5. 2008 A comedy series on the National Network Service of the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) titled ‘I Beg Your Pardon’.
6. 2010 First Position in Nigerian International Model United Nations (NIGIMUN)
7. 2016 A Commissioned play performance titled “Bring Back Our Values” for the Committee of Wives of Lagos State Officials at the 2016 National Women’s Conference
8. 2016 Production of Television advert and Radio jingle for Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) on Awareness and Examination conduct
9. 2017 Production of Television advert and Radio jingle for Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) on Awareness and Examination conduct


TD (20)
TD (333)
TD (394)

Members of Staff

1 Dr. Adedina F.A. B.A. (Hons.) Theatre Arts 1982, PGDE 1991 M.A.Communication Arts 2001, PhD Writing, 2011. Chief Lecturer
2 Adedina N.O. Diploma Theatre Arts     1992, B.A (Hons) Theatre Arts, 1997, M.A Theatre Arts 1999 PGDE 2002 . Principal Lecturer
3 Adeniyi K.A. B.A (Hons) Dramatic Arts 1988, PGDE 2004, M.C.A. ,1998, M.A ,2007 Principal Lecturer
4. Windapo O.O. B.A (Hons) Theatre Arts, 1989, PGDE 1997, M.A African Studies Dance 1998. Senior Lecturer
5 Oyetoro H.A. B.A (Hons) Dramatic Arts, 1990, PGDE 2002, M.A.  African Studies Dance 2000. Senior Lecturer

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