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The Department of Curriculum and Instruction which was founded during the 1976/1977 academic session when the College commenced training of secondary school teachers. The current School of Education was then known as the Division of Education headed by a Director. The Department of Curriculum and Instruction was among the first three departments in the School of Education.

Scope and Responsibilities/Services Provided

Teaching/research, administrative, guidance and counseling and community service.

Infrastructurer Facilities

  • Multi-media and Educational Technology Centre;
  • Microteaching Laboratory;
  • Six classrooms;
  • Two Lecture theatres; and

Units in the Department

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction has the following units: Teacher Education, Science Education, Arts & Social Sciences Education, Language Education, Educational Technology, Multi-Media and Micro-Teaching.

Administrative Structure

The decision making process is a joint responsibility of all academic staff headed by the HOD. Opinions are freely expressed and joint decisions taken. Academic decisions taken at departmental level are presented before School of Education (SEDU) Board of Studies for further actions.

Staff Welfare

Virtually all the members of staff in the Department have benefited from study leave schemes and opportunities which helped in further studies within and outside Nigeria.

Students’ Welfare

Students are allocated to lecturers who cater for their instructional and counseling needs. Other robust packages are provided by the College Management.


  • Development of series of improvised instructional materials which culminated into a sizeable Production/Exhibition Gallery.
  • Publication of advanced textbooks in various concepts in Curriculum and Instructional Technology either jointly or individually by members.



Members of Staff

1 Dr. Orukotan A. F. Chief Lecturer
2. Mr. Akinola V. O. Chief Lecturer
3. Mrs. Aremu, V. I. Chief Lecturer
4. Dr. Adewoyin J. A. Chief Lecturer
5. Mrs Akinkuotu F. Senior Lecturer
6. Mr. Babarinde O. T. Lecturer
7. Mr. Okuntade J. O. Lecturer
8. Mr Benson M. O. Senior Foreman
9. Mr Adebowale D. O. Video Photographer

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