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Mr. Summuno H. O. (H.O.D.)

A very warm welcome to The Department of French which existed since the 1970s in the College until it was scrapped to become a unit in 1986.   It continued as a unit in the Department of Languages until January 1993.  In order to abide with the NCCE injunctions, the unit became a Department in the school of Languages. The Department runs French Language and Literature courses as a Single Major combined with English, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Social Studies, History, Christian Religious Studies, Theatre Arts and Music.  


General Administration of the Department

The Department is headed by a Head of the Department who is the administrative head. He is responsible for:

  • Coordination of the various activities of the Department and all staff and students.
  • Discipline of staff and students.
  • Organization and supervision of internal examination.
  • Preparation of draft annual budget proposals for the Department

Decision Making

The members of staff in the Department are involved in the day to day running of the Units and meetings are held to arrive at ways in which activities are performed in all units. They are fully involved in decision making and policy formulation.

Policy and Practice of Staff Development

Policy and practice of staff development is as laid down in the College Conditions of Service. Some of the members of staff are presently enjoying staff development programmes in various activities.

Staff Promotion and Discipline

Members of staff are promoted  as at when due according to the laid down procedures in the College approved guidelines for promotion and appointments. Members of staff are disciplined, according to the laid down rules and regulations of the College.

Students Welfare

  • Handling of academic complaints: As stated in the Students’ Handbook, the handling of complaints is usually through the Head of Department, the Dean to the Academic Board.
  • Students’ academic counseling: The College has a Counseling Unit that takes care of students with such needs. Furthermore, every academic staff is usually involved in students academic counseling, students are encouraged to meet with their Head of Department for consultation about academic matters.


Conducting examination and evaluating schemes, moderation of schemes (internal and external) for examinations.  Having met the basic requirement of NCCE and the College, clearance will be given to the students for collection of result from the Academic Office.

Academic Atmosphere:

The Head of Department, by the College Edict, is a member of the Academic Board. Also, from time to time, the Department makes policies in addition to those made by the Academic Board to ensure the maintenance of academic standard and conducive atmosphere for teaching and learning.

Programme Philosophy and Objectives

The Philosophy is to provide the modern man with a means of integrating himself into the society with the use of a modern European language besides his official language.  The level of performance of a person in his spoken language shows and gives the image of the person. As for the teacher, his credibility is more or less placed on his communicative ability.  With the simplicity in rendering his idea to the learners, he stimulates the learners to the learning and understanding the language.   The teacher that expresses himself fluently, correctly and with a good mastery of the language definitely earns the respect and admiration of the learners.

Programme Objectives

  • To produce qualified teachers of French Language capable of teaching French Language in the Junior Secondary.
  • To produce qualified teachers of French language who will be able to teach French language at Senior Secondary School Level.
  • To produce qualified NCE teachers who will be able to inculcate the moral and cultural attitude and values into the society through the use of a modern European Language.


School of Languages
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Members of Staff

Dr. Ajani, L. O. NCE ’87, BA Ed ’90, PGDE Med ’95, MA FRE ’00, M Phil.’11, Ph.D ’15. Chief Lecturer
Mr. Sunmonu H. O. B.A.Fre. (Ed) ’86, M.TL. ’98, M.Phil ’11, Ph. D in view. Principal Lecturer

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