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Mrs. Eze M.N. (H.O.D.)

A very warm welcome to The Department of Igbo which commenced in 1992 with L2 students. In 1999, Igbo’s First Language (L1) programme was introduced.   Since then, the Department has graduated many students in both Language One (L1) and Language Two (L­2) programmes.

Mission / Objectives

The objectives/missions are as follows:

  • Equip the students with Basic Language Skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in current and approved orthography which is “onwu” orthography.
  • Teach the sounds, lexis and structure of Igbo Language.
  • Expose the students to both oral and written literatures in Igbo Language.
  • Teach, preserve and promote cultural heritage through the use of Igbo Language.
  • Equip the students with the techniques (methods) and principles of teaching and evaluating in Igbo Language.
  • Motivate the students to apply all the skills learnt to further promote the development of Igbo Language through creative writing, criticism, appreciation, socio-cultural activities, film/movie making and songs/poems writing.


  • To expand the frontiers of the present programme.
  • Foster the use of Igbo Language as a Medium of Instruction in schools.
  • To produce enough Igbo teachers for Lagos State schools and beyond.


  • Produced teachers that function effectively in both private and public schools.
  • Our NCE graduates excel higher than their mates in various universities within and outside Nigeria.


School of Languages
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Members of Staff

1. Mrs. Eze, M. N. Principal Lecturer/ HOD
2. Mr. Asogwa C. Principal Lecturer
3. Dr. (Mrs.) Dom-Anyanwu N. L. Principal Lecturer
4. Mr. Eze C. Chief Lecturer

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