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Mr. Ojedokun O.A. (H.O.D.)

A warm welcome to The Department of Biology, which was established as the Department of Chemical and Biological Sciences in 1981 when the College was upgraded from Advanced Teachers College to Lagos State College of Education.

It was carved out of the old Chemical and Biological Science Department in 1990/1991 academic session to become a full- fledged Department with the following subject combinations: Biology/Chemistry, Biology/Integrated Science and Biology/Primary Education Studies.

About Us

By 2001, the following subject combinations were offered in the Department as core courses in the School of Sciences: Biology/Chemistry, Biology/Integrated Science, Biology/Geography, Biology/Primary Education Studies (PES). Due to the changes in NCCE Curriculum , subject combinations like Biology/Chemistry, Biology/Geography and Biology/Primary Education Studies, Biology/Physical and Health Education were removed.

By 2012, the subject combinations that were removed were replaced with Biology/Computer studies and Biology/Mathematics. Today, the Department provides the students in the School of Sciences with the following subject combinations:

1. Biology/Integrated Science;

2.  Biology/Computer Science; and

3. Biology/Mathematics.

The Department was managed by Mr. Oloyede, E.A. who was the Head of Department between 1991-1993, and 2003-2006. Mr. Bajulaye, A. A. was the Head of Department between 1996-2003, and 2006-2010. Dr. (Mrs) Kayode-Ishola, T. M. was the Head of Department between 2010-2014. Mr. Ojedokun, O. A. is currently the Head of Department.


  • To produce teachers who can inculcate a positive scientific attitude and values in the society and promote positive disposition towards Biology, Science and Scientific enterprise;
  • To produce teachers who will be able to apply concepts and methods acquired in the course in new areas of study and in everyday situations; and
  • To make a successful career in the teaching of Biology.


  • To demonstrate professional competence in teaching secondary school Biology; and
  • To inculcate sound practical skills in handling scientific apparatus in pre-service teachers.

Services Provided

The Department has competent and dedicated academic and support staff. The members of staff engage in the administration of teaching students using different teaching techniques especially with audio-visual equipments.


The Department has two standard Biology laboratories; well equipped and spacious enough to accommodate the students comfortably. The laboratories are equipped with preparatory rooms and stores. They are also provided with safety devices such as fire extinguishers and sand buckets. The Department has a well furnished HOD’s office and comfortably furnished offices for Lecturers.

The Department had donated quite a number of books to the Science Library as well as the College Main Library. Our graduates are found in Nigerian Universities studying Biology as well as teaching in both Basic and Secondary Schools. All courses offered in the Department are fully accredited by the NCCE.


The Department has, over the years, trained middle level teachers for both Primary and Secondary in Lagos State.



Members of Staff

1. Bajulaye, A.A NCE Bio/Chem 1980, B.Sc/Ed (Biology) 1986, M.Ed (G&C) 1987, M.Ed (Sc.Ed.) 1996 Chief Lecturer
2. Ojedokun, O.A. B.Sc Botany 1990, M.Sc. Botany 1995 PGDE 2010 Principal Lecturer (HOD)
3. Kayode-Ishola, T. M. NCE Bio/Chem 1989, B.Sc. Microbiology 1994, M.Sc. Medical Microbiology 1998 Principal Lecturer
4. Adegorite, S.O. NCE Bio/Chem 1996, B.Sc. ed. (Bio) 2001, M.Ed. (Sci.Edu) 2010
5. John, B.I NCE Bio/Isc 1993, B.Sc (Ed) M.Ed (Scl Edu) 2010
6. Nwalia, O.O. HND. Micro. 1995, PGDE 2004, PGD Microbiology 2011 Chief Technologist
7. Adikuru, I.B. WASC 1991 Higher Technician

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