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Mr. Ogunlusi R. O. (H.O.D.)

Welcome to The Department of Chemistry which was established in the 1976/77 academic session when the College was upgraded to the NCE Secondary Status. By the 1978/79 academic session, the Department produced her first set of NCE graduates and has continuously been producing such till date. Graduates from Chemistry Department do have other combinable Science subjects as their major subject. Thus, we have graduates that teach: Chemistry/Mathematics, Chemistry/Physics, Chemistry/Geography, Chemistry/Biology, Chemistry/Integrated Science and Chemistry/Computer Science. Currently, we have only the following Chemistry combinations: Chemistry/Mathematics, Integrated Science/Chemistry and Computer Science/Chemistry.

About Us

Our graduates are found in every part of Nigeria and beyond. They are making their marks in the teaching profession as well as other related professions.

At present, there are six (6) lecturers and two (2) technologists in the Chemistry Department.

Names of the Heads of the department since 1998 are stated below:

E.A Oloyede 

1988 – 1990

M.A. Benjamin 

1990 – 1996

E.A. Oloyede

1996 – 1999

T.A. Lawal 

1999 – 2003

D.S. Braimoh 

2004 – 2005

B.O. Olaleye 

2005 – 2006

T.O. Ogunmade  

2006 – 2012

B.O Olaleye 

2012 – 2015

R.O. Ogunlusi  

2015 – Date

All Chemistry courses published in the NCCE Minimum Standard are offered in the Department. There are two Chemistry laboratories and five classrooms for teaching/learning. There is a Lecture Theatre in the Science Complex for symposia, workshops, conferences and conventions in Chemistry. It is worth noting that, the effort of the College Management is responsible for the realizations of the curriculum objectives for Chemistry as spelt out by the NCCE guidelines.


The programme is designed to achieve the following:

  • Develop functional knowledge of Chemistry concepts and principles;
  • Observe and explore the chemical environment;
  • Apply the skills and knowledge gained through the study of Chemistry and entrepreneurship education to solve day to day employment problems;
  • Explain simple natural phenomena;
  • Develop scientific attitudes such as curiosity, creativity, and innovations;
  • manipulate simple apparatus for the purpose of demonstration and use;
  • Improvise simple equipment from available junk in the chemical environment;
  • Examine the main psychological, health and socio economic factors that may help or hinder a child’s educational performance;
  • Study learners appropriately to determine the most effective ways of relating to them to ensure their maximum achievement;
  • Professionally combine the use of conventional and ICT or other innovational learning strategies in generating and imparting knowledge, attitudes and skills;
  • Develop, select and effectively use appropriate curriculum process, teaching strategies, instructional materials and methods for maximum learner achievement;
  • Demonstrate desirable attributes in moral and character development; and
  • Demonstrate proficiency in measuring and evaluating learning outcomes, as well as in carrying out appropriate research on educational problems in Nigeria.


To ensure the staff and students focus on quality teaching and learning and work towards achieving the goals/objectives of the College.

Scope and Responsibilities/Services Provided

Teaching students, assessing students performance, supervising examinations, and teaching practice, supervising students project work, counseling of students, taking students out on industrial work experience in chemical industries, training students on entrepreneurship education in the area of soap making, , perfume and other essential chemicals. The Department also carries other responsibilities assigned by the management from time to time.


Chemistry Lab

Members of Staff

1. Dr. Benjamin M. A. B.Sc.  81 , M.Sc. 86, PDGE 90, M.Ed  91; PhD  ( Sci. Ed.)  2005 Chief Lecturer
2. Dr. Ogunmade T.O. B.Sc. (Ed) 88 , M. Ed 94, PhD ( Sci. Ed.) 2006 Chief Lecturer
3. Dr. (Mrs.) Olaleye B.O. B.Sc. (Ed) 92 , M. Ed,  M.Sc. 2007, PhD (Sci. Ed.)  2012 Chief Lecturer
4. Mr. Ogunlusi  R.O. HND (Applied Chem) 87, PGD (Chem) 2000, M.Sc. 2003 PGDE 1996 Chief Lecturer & HOD
5. Mrs. Idowu A.O. NCE 89, B.Sc. 1996, M.Sc. 98, M. Ed, 2008 Principal Lecturer
6. Mrs. Akinniyi F.E. B.Sc. 97 , M.Sc.2005, PDGE 2003 Principal Lecturer
7. Mrs. Ogunbanwo C. M. ND 90, HND  94, PGD(Chem) 2005, B.Sc. (Ed) Chief Lab Tech.
8. Mr. Kumayon I. M. A/L, B.Sc 2012, PDE 2016 Lab Tech.

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