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Mrs. Adenowo B.

Welcome to The Department of Computer Science which was established in March, 1993 (First Semester, 1992/93 Session) with Mrs. B. A. Adenowo as the first and only staff on ground.  A second staff, Mr. Ajibola joined the department in May, 1993.  Immediately after the department had got its first set of students in part I (1993/94 Session), the staff lounge of the School of Science was converted to a Computer Laboratory for the department.  The teaching of these courses commenced in second semester of the same session (1992/93) with the Preliminary Students.  Some of these set of students were produced as the first graduate in 1995/96 session.

About Us

The first HOD for the department was Mr. G. Ajogbasile who was the Dean of Science and also the HOD, Physics.  He was succeeded by Mr. O. Ajibola, who in turn was succeeded by Mrs. B. A. Adenowo in June, 2004.  Dr. M. A. Rahman acted as HOD between June, 2004 to July, 2007 and appointed as the HOD between 2008 – 2012.  Mr. Atansuyi served as HOD between 2012 – 2014 while Dr. Adeleke I.A. served as HOD from 2015 to 2017; I. A. Mrs B.A Adenowois the incumbent HOD.
From inception we had only two(2) combinations in the department, i.e. Computer Science/Mathematics and Computer Science/Integrated Science.  By the 2001/2002 session there were additional three(3) combinations, Computer Science/Physics, Computer Science/Chemistry and Economics/Computer Science. 
At present, the available combinations are:
  • Computer Science/Mathematics (CSC/MAT)
  • Computer Science/Integrated Science (CSC/ISC)
  • Computer Science/Physics (CSC/PHY)
  • Economics/Computer Science (ECO/CSC) 
  • Computer Science/Geography (CSC/GEO)


By the end of the programme, the students should be able to:
  • Teach computer studies at the Primary and Secondary School levels;
  • Write programs and process data with maximum speed and accuracy
  • Demonstrate reasonably high level of competence for further studies in computer science; and
  • Develop human capital by creating self – employment capacities in the students.


To ensure the staff work towards achieving the goals/objectives of the College.

Handling of Academic Complaints

Students’ academic complaints are handled by their level course advisers.  Such complaints are sometimes referred to the HOD or resolved at the Departmental meeting if the situation warrants.

Students Academic Counselling

Students’ academic counselling is done by Course Advisers and sometimes at Fresher’s Orientatiom Programme which the old students are expected to attend.  The door of the HOD is open to students’ complaints and needs from time to time.


Many of the graduates of the department work as teachers in both public and private schools.  Also, many of the academic staff have participated actively in both local and international conferences.
The department’s computer laboratories are well equipped.  The department of Computer Science was fully accredited by the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE).


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Members of Staff

Dr. Adeleke, I. A.
Diploma (Data Processing),
B.Sc. (Comp.Sc),
PGD (Education),
M.Ed (Education Technology.),
PhD (Information Systems)
Chief Lecturer
Mrs. Adenowo, B.
PGD (Education)
Principal Lecturer
Lesi B. O.
B.Sc. (Comp. Sc./Maths),
PGD (Education),
PGD (Comp.Sc),
M.Sc(Comp. Sc.)
Chief Inst.
Muriana I. S.
B.Sc. (Comp.Sc),
Principal Lecturer
Oshikoya O. J.
B.Sc.( Electronics & Computer Engineering)
Principal Lecturer
Adesanya M. O.
B.Sc. (Electronics & Computer Engineering),
M.Sc (Env.l Resource Mgt.)
Principal Lecturer

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