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Dr. Mrs. Awobodu V.Y. (H.O.D.)

Welcome to The Department of Integrated Science which started as a course and was introduced into the College Curriculum in 1989. By the 1991/92 academic session, the Unit evolved into a Department with six qualified Lecturers. Between 1992 and 1994, these lecturers went for several training programmes organized jointly by the Federal Ministry of Education and the British Council using the Manual Nigerian Integrated Science Teachers Education Project (NSTEP) with which they were exposed to the acquisition of knowledge and skills in Integrated Science Education and how to effectively pass these to their students in the classroom.

About Us

The Department today, provides the core of the students in the School of Sciences with the following subject combinations:

  • Integrated Science/Chemistry;
  • Integrated Science/Geography;
  • Integrated Science/Biology;
  • Integrated Science/Computer Science;
  • Integrated Science/Mathematics; and
  • Integrated Science/Physics

The Department also has over two hundred students with six qualified Lecturers. Some of the past Heads of Department are: Dr. Ajewole G. A (1991 – 1993) as Head of Unit of Integrated Science, Dr. Ajewole, G.A (1993 – 1995) Mr. Odofin, O.B (1995 – 1997), Mr. Badejo, O.A (1997 – 2005) and Dr. Oginni, A.M (2005 – 2010). Mrs. Awobodu is the current Head of Department.


  • To enable the students gain the concept of the fundamental unity of Science
  • To make students well informed and scientifically literate; and
  • To enable students acquire and demonstrate the intellectual competence and professional skill necessary for the teaching of Integrated Science.


To produce Science teachers of excellence with the ultimate goal of Nigerian Basic and Senior Secondary School students competing favourably with their international counterparts.

Scope and Responsibilities / Services Provided

Teaching, supervision of students’ projects, counseling the students, conducting teaching practice supervision, and organizing excursion and field trips.


The Department has succeeded in raising graduates, who work as teachers both in private and public schools



Members of Staff

1. Badejo A.O. M.Sc, B.Sc, NCE Chief lecturer
2. Oginni A.M. Ph.D (Sc.Ed), M.Ed (Sc.Ed), B.Ed Principal Lecturer
3 Awobodu V.Y. Ph.D, M.Ed (Sc.Ed), B.Ed (Bio) Principal lecturer/ HOD
4 Alaka M.O. M.Sc, PGDE, HND, PGD Senior Lecturer
5. Saibu S.O. B.Sc. Ed, NCE, Comp Assistant Lecturer
6. Osunloye O.W. M.Ed, B.Sc, NCE Assistant lecturer
7. Ogunyemi T.G. M.Ed, B.Sc.(Ed), NCE Assistant lecturer
8. Salako O.F. PGD, HND, ND principal technologist
9. Osumare M. M. PGD, HND, ND Principal technologist

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