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Welcome to The Department of Mathematics, which was established in 1978. It is responsible for the teaching of Mathematics courses to various subject combinations and at present, the Department teaches Basic Mathematics to all Parts I and II students of the College. The Department has over four hundred students and seven qualified lecturers, three of which are Chief Lecturers while two are Lecturer 1 status. Some past Heads of Department are Late  Mr. Adebiyi, S. A. (1991-1992), Dr. (Mrs.) Ladele, O. A. (1992-1996), Late Mrs. Olowojaiye, F. B. (1996-19990, Mr. Ojo, E. K. (1999-2004), Dr. (Mrs.) Odumosu, M. O. (2004- 2008), Mr. Ojo, E. K (2008-2013), Dr. (Mrs.) Odumosu, M. O. (2013 till date)


The Department has produced the first female Provost of the College, first female Dean of the School of Science and two Ph.D holders and best graduating student of the session. The Department has also been awarded the best in the School of Science in 2003 and also won the Provost’s cup the same year. In 2011, the Department came second in the National competition organized by the National Mathematical Centre, Abuja for Colleges of Education Students. Our graduates are found in Nigerian Universities studying Mathematics and are also teachers both in private and public schools at the Basic and Senior levels. The Department can boast of a well equipped Mathematics laboratory. All courses offered in the Department are fully accredited by the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE).

At present, the available combinations are:

Mathematics /Computer Science  MAT/CSC
Mathematics /Integrated Science MAT/ISC
Physics/ Mathematics PHY/MAT
Chemistry/Mathematics CHEM/MAT
Economics/Mathematics ECO/MAT
Geography/Mathematics GEO/MAT
Mathematics/Biology MAT/BIO

The Department is responsible for the CSC/MAT and ISC/MAT students in terms of students’ advice, result computation and overall responsibilities.


The Department is meant to achieve the following:

  • Teach Mathematics at Basic Education level of Nigerian Education system;
  • Demonstrate reasonably high level of competence for further studies in Mathematics; and
  • Develop human capital by creating self-employment.


To ensure the members of staff work towards achieving the goals/objectives of the College.


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Members of Staff

1 Odumosu M. O. Ph. D (Maths), M. Sc (Maths Statistics), B, Sc(Ed) Maths, N.C.E Chief Lecturer
2 Ladele O. A. Ph. D, M. Phil, B. Sc Ed (Maths), N.C.E (Maths/Geo) Chief Lecturer
3 Ojo E. K. M. Inf. Sc, MBA, Dip. Csc, M. Sc (Maths), B. Ed (Maths), N.C.E (Chem/Maths) Chief Lecturer
4 Olisama O. V. Ph. D, M. Sc (Maths), MBA, PGDM, B. Sc (Ed) Maths, N.C.E (Maths/T.D) Lecturer 1
5 Egho E. O. M. Ed (Maths). PGDE, B.Sc (Maths) Lecturer 1
6 Akudo O. K. M. Ed (Maths), B. Sc (Ed) Maths, N.C.E (Csc/Maths) Part – Time
7 Olatunde O. T. M. Ed (Maths), B. Ed (Maths) Part – Time
8 Olusesan E.G. M. Ed (Maths), B. Sc (Ed) Maths, N.C.E (Maths/Econ) Assist Lab Technician

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