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Mr. Akeju M. A. (H.O.D.)

Welcome to The Department of Building Technology Education. In 1982, government approved the setting up of the Division of Technical Education comprise three departments, namely: Business Education, Home Economics and Engineering.

About Us

The Engineering  department had two units, Mechanical and Building Engineering from 1982 to 1983, considering the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) Curriculum, the Engineering Department was further divided into Metal Works, Building, Automobile, Wood Work and Electrical/Electronics Units.


  • To produce qualified teachers and practitioners of technology capable of teaching Basic Technology in Junior Secondary Schools.
  • To produce Technical teachers who will be able to teach Building Technology at Senior Secondary School Level.
  • To produce technical NCE Teachers who will be able to inculcate the scientific and Technological attitude and values into the society.


The vision is to produce Technical Teachers and medium skilled individuals with intellectual and professional background adequate for teaching Basic Technology at Junior Secondary School level and Building Technology at the Senior Secondary School level, and to make them adaptable to any changing situation in technological development nationwide.


The Department carried out research works, findings of which were adopted by the College such as:

  • Curriculum Development for effective Vocational/Technical Education; and
  • Technical College Curriculum and College of Education admission policy.


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Members of Staff

1. Akeju M.A. M.Ed B.Sc Senior Lecturer/HOD
2. Akinrinola J.B. B.Sc HND, OND Asst. Chief Technical. Instructor
3. Ajibade T.O. M.Sc, PGDE HND Principal Technical Instructor
4. Oluniyi A.O. HND, OND Principal Technical Instructor
5. Akinde M.A. B.Sc (Ed) Part-Time Lecturer
6. Adesanya K.A. Trade III, 2000, Trade II 2001, Trade 1 2002 Senior Foreman

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