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About Us

The Department was established in 1981 and produced its first set of graduates in 1984.

Mission Statement

To produce excellent, qualified and competent NCE Business Education graduates who will teach Business related subjects in Primary, Secondary and other related Schools/Colleges in an efficient and effective manner using modern methods, equipment and facilities so as to produce competent manpower, entrepreneur and undergraduates for tertiary institutions in Nigeria and beyond.


  • To produce well qualified and competent NCE graduates in Business subjects who will be able to teach business subjects in our Secondary schools and other related educational institutions.
  • To produce NCE Business teachers who will be able to inculcate the vocational aspects of Business Education into the society.
  • To produce NCE Business teachers who will be involved in the much desired revolution of vocational development right from the Primary and Secondary schools.
  • To equip students with necessary competencies to qualify them for Post-NCE degree programme in Business Education.
  • To equip graduates with the right skills that will enable them engage in office work as well as for self-employment.


To produce efficient teachers for schools and an efficient workforce for the society.

Administrative Structure

The administration structure is led by the Head of Department who works amicably with other lecturers and non-teaching staff.


  • Output of students and acquisition of computers in the Typing Pool and in the HODs office.
  • Production of qualified NCE Accounting and Office Management Technology students in the teaching world of works and in the teaching profession who can stand the text of time as qualified teachers and office technology staff.
  • Production of a book title Effective Writing of Project in Business Education to help our students in the writing of their project.
  • Open a Business Education Ventures for the students to actually put their teaching practicum into practice for fuller practical understanding of Business.

Students' Welfare

Students are listened to, cared for and made to feel at home and have the ability to learn with ease of mind. The Department works together with the Departmental Students Union for the progress of the students.

Staff Welfare

The Department ensures that APER forms are filled as at when due for staff promotion. Lecturers are encouraged to improve on their academics for advancement.


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Members of Staff

1. Mr. Olawole I. A. B.L, LLB, PGDE, MBA, PGDM, HND Chief Lecturer
2. Mr. Egbetokun S.O. M.Sc, FCA, PGDE, P.HD (In View), B.SC, HND Chief Lecturer
3. Mrs. Kudehinbu O.O. MPA, B.SC, NCE, CSIV, M.SC, WASC Chief Lecturer
4. Mrs. Atughonu V.O. BBA, M.ED, M.SC Bus Admin Chief Lecturer
5. Olu-Obafemi E.C. P.HD (in View), M.SC, M.ED, PGDE, HND, WAEC Senior Lecturer
6. Wahab A.A. FSLC, WASC, NCSS, R.SA, TTC, DCS, MBA B.SC, Senior Lecturer
7. Mr. Asa K. J. M.SC, B.SC, MPA, B.SC, NCE Principal Lecturer
8. Mrs. Ajani  S.T Ph.D (in view) M.ED, MPA, B.SC, NCE, WASC Principal Lecturer
9. Ojeyomi O. A. PGDE, CICT, Bachelor of Law, LLB, (Hons), WASC Olevel Lecturer 1
10. Oke-Potefa, O. S. Ph.D (in view) PGDE, B.SC (ACCT) M.SC (Bus & Applied Econs) M.SC (Accounting) PEII ACA, WAECS  
11. Onajinrin O. G. M.SC, B.SC, NCE  
12. Oduwole A. A. B.SC (Ed), M.ED, M.Phil/Phd, NCE, WASC, FSLC.  
13. Mr. Braimo H.O. TRCN, PDE, MBA, B.SC, ICMA, DCS, WASC.  
14. Mr. Adedeji L. J. NCE  

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