H.O.D. - Agricultural Education

Names in Full (Surname First):  Edun, Titilope  Ajoke

Date of Birth:    17th June, 1971

Nationality:      Nigerian

State Of Origin and Town:      Ogun, Abeokuta South.

Permanent Home Address:   No. 1, Idris Adlas Close, Igbe Road, Ikorodu, Lagos State.

Present Postal Address:   No. 51, Ijomo Estate, P.M.B 2027, Lafarge, WAPCO Plc. Sagamu Works, Sagamu.

Email/Phone: / 08073273406

Marital Status:   Married


(i)        M.Sc (Agricultural Economics)                                         –           1999

(ii)      B.Sc  (Agricultural Economics)                                         –           1997

(iii)     P.G.D.E (Post Graduate Diploma in Education)             –           2008

(i)      Diploma in Computer Operation and Programming,      –           2000

(iv)       Advance Digital Appreciation Programme for Tertiary Institution (ADAPTI)         –                                                                                                                                 2016


  1. Published Textbooks
  2. Edun, T. A. (2016). Introduction to Agricultural Economics. Second Edition. Goma Press,Sagamu, Ogun State. Annexure 1
  3. Edun, T. A. (2014). Fundamental of Agricultural FinanceGoma  Press,Sagamu, Ogun State.  Annexure 2
  4. Edun, T. A. (2013). Introduction to Agricultural  Economics, Goma Press,Sagamu, Ogun State.                                            Annexure 3
  5. Edun, T. A. (2011). Basic Principles of   Agricultural Economics Revised Edition. Shepherd Ventures, Otto Ijanikin. Lagos State.      Annexure 4
  6. Edun, T. A. (2008). Basic Principles of Agricultural EconomicsSirco Baba and Sons Publishers, Lagos.                                   Annexure 5
  7. Edun, T. A. (2007). Introduction to Economics, Kuwande and Sons Publishers Lagos. Annexure 6    

    Journal Articles.

  1. Edun, T.A, Dalmeida, L.O and Adekunle, O.A (2017). “A Study of Rural Agricultural Water supply and Institutional Response in Oyo State, Nigeria” Journal of Continuing Education (Publication of School of Part-Time Studies, Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education (AOCOED) Otto/Ijanikin, Lagos State.) 10(1) 151–163, Joytal Printing Press.                                                            Annexure 7   
  2. Dalmeida, L.O.; Adekunle, O.A and Edun, T.A(2017). “Poultry Production as a Strategy for Self-Reliance and Poverty Reduction in Nigeria” Journal of Education Research and Development (JERD). 15(1) 156-161 Joytal Printing Press,  Ibadan.                                                        Annexure  8

iii.   Hontonyon, Anthony Babatunde, Dalmeida, O.L, Edun Titilope (2014). “Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Agricultural Related Businesses: Implication for Senior Secondary Agriculture Students in Ojo Local Education District of Lagos State” Journal of Continuing Education  (Publication of School of Part-Time Studies, Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education (AOCOED) Otto/Ijanikin, Lagos State.) 9(1) 1-27, Joytal Printing Press, Ibadan.                                         Annexure 9

  1. Hontonyon, A.B., Dalmeida, L. o and Edun,, T A. (2014).” Request for In-Service Training Development Programme for Agricultural Science Teachers in Lagos State: Attitude of Private School Proprietors towards their Employees” Continuing Education Review (Journal of Directorate of Degree Programme Aocoed, Otto/ Ijanikin).3(1) 169-180.                                                                     Annexure 10
  2. Hontonyon, A. B., Dalmeida L.O. and Edun, T. A. (2010) “Utilizing Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) in the Teaching and Learning of Agricultural Science” Akoka Journal of Pure and Applied Science Education. 10 (1), 75 – 86.                                               Annexure 11

vii.     Hontonyon, A. B., Dalmeida, L. O. and Edun, T. A.(2010).“Strategies for

Curbing Occupational Slippage in Vocational – Technical Education”

African Journal of Allied Education (AJAE) 4 (1), 33 – 44    Annexure 12

viii.    Olasoju, S A., Adekunle, O. A., Majolagbe, H. O., Edun, T. A. and Bamitefa

  1. A. (2009) “Dimension and Management of Corruption in Teacher Education in Nigeria” AOCOED Journal of Education Research and Development (JERD). 5 (1), 247 – 249                              Annexure 13
  2. Edun, T. A., Ojeyomi A. O., Ajadi, K. O. and Adams, O. I.         (2008) “Analysis of Micro-Credit Disbursement to farmers in Yewa North Local Government Area of Ogun State Nigeria” AOCOED Journal of Multidisciplinary studies 1 (2) 304 – 315                                 Annexure 14
  3. Ajadi, K. O. and Edun, T. A (2008)“ The role of Local Governments in Solid

Waste Management in Nigeria” Lagos Journal of Vocational and Technical Education “(LAJOVTED) 3 (3):102-106.   Annexure 15

  1. Edun, T. A., Sobulo, E. O., Ojeyomi A. O., Ajadi, K. O. and Adams, O. I.

(2007) Business and Vocational Technology; Issues, Problems and Prospects” Kasa Management Consultancy Services 1 (1) 81 – 93                                                                                        Annexure 16

xii.     Edun, T. A., Majolagbe, H. O., Ojeyomi A. O., Ajadi, K. O. and Adams, O. I.  (2006) “An Analysis of seasonal Price Behaviour of some Selected Staple Food stuffs in Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State” AOCOED Journal of Multidisciplinary studies. 1 (1): 215 – 223                                                                                       Annexure 17


  1. Edun, Titilope Ajoke (2017). Resource-Use Efficiency Among Arable Crop Farmers in Lagelu Local Government Area of Oyo State. School of Science National Conference Book of Proceedings.  2(1) 203-216.  Joytal Printing Press, Ibadan.                                             Annexure 18

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