H.O.D. - Electrical/Electronics Technology

Names in Full (Surname First):  Dahunsi, Fatai Oladotun

Date of Birth:    23rd June, 1965

Nationality:      Nigerian

State Of Origin and Town:      Lagos State, Lagos Island.

Permanent Home Address: 3, Johnson Street, Oshorun-Ibeshe, Ikorodu Lagos.


Marital Status:   Married

Educational Institutions Attended With Dates:

– International Centre for Information and Communication Technology Studies     2015

– AOCOED (In Affiliation with Teacher’s Registration Council of Nigeria TRCN)      2011-2012

– National Open University (NOUN), Lagos                                                                2009-2011

– Intra-Metropolitan Technology (IMT) Ikeja                                                             2007

– AOCOED Information and Communication Technology                                          2004

– Lagos State University, Ojo Lagos                                                                            1993-1998

– Government Technical College, Oshogbo                                                                1984-1987

– Baptist Grammar School, Igbaja                                                                              1978-1983

– Ansar-Ud-Deen Primary School, Alakoro, Lagos                                                      1971-1977

Academic and professional qualifications with dates

– ADAPTI (Advanced Digital Appreciation Programme for Tertiary Institution         July, 2015

– Professional Diploma in Education (PDE)                                                                2014

– Master Of Science (M.Sc), Information and Communication Technology              2011

– Certificate in Computer Engineering (CCNA, VSAT, VPN)                                       2007

– Proficiency Certificate in Information and Communication Technology                2004

– Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Hons.                                                                              1998

– General Certificate  Of Education (GCE O’Level)                                                    1994

– Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSCE)                                                             1991

– WAEC (Technical) Radio, Television and Electronics                                               1987

– WAEC (Technical) Telecommunication                                                                    86

– Federal Craft Certificate Electronics, Radio and Television                                                1987

– Trade Test (Two and Three)                                                                                     1987



Dahunsi, F. O. Adelaja , S. R., Ganthonu, J. O. (2016) Introduction to Electrical and Electronics Technology, Lagos. Raytel Communication Ltd. 112pp.

Dahunsi, F. O. Adelaja , S. R., Agunbiade, W. (2015) Electrical and Electronics workshop Management for Schools, Lagos. Raytel Communication Ltd.

Books of Proceedings

Dahunsi, F. O., Ganthonu, J. O., Eshinlokun, B. A. (2014) An Appraisal of Effective Power Distribution Agencies and Management toward Manpower Development in Lagos State. 2nd National conference SVTE conference

Dahunsi, F. O., Adigun, A.O., Oluwa, M. O. (2008) The Global Economic Crises: A challenge to Technology Education policy Issue in Universal Basic Education (NATT) 2008

Dahunsi, F. O. Yusuf, A. O., Okeowo, S. O. (2006) Consolidating the Gains of Technology Education in Colleges of Education through Effective Management of Technical  Workshop and Laboratories Published in Nigeria Association of Teachers of Technology (NATT) 18th annual Conference

Dahunsi, F. O. Adenuga, B. A., Oluwa, M. O. (2004) “NEEDS: A Mechanism towards more Efficient and Effective Vocational and Technical Education, Published in Nigerian Association of Teachers of Technology (NATT) 16th Annual Conference Proceeding

Dahunsi, F. O.(2003) The Impact of Global Systems for Mobile Communication Network in Nigeria: Published in Nigerian Association of Teachers of Technology NATT 15th Annual Conference Proceedings.

Dahunsi, F. O. (2007) “Air Pollution and it’s Hazardous Effects in Nigeria Environment Published in Nigerian Association of Teachers of Technology (NATT) 14th Annual Conference Proceedings. FUTM 2002.

Journal articles

Dahunsi, F. O., Yusuf, A. O., Zosu, S. J. (2016) Advocacy for Qualitative Vocational Technical Education to Improve Security Challenges in Nigeria. An International Journal of the Society for Cultural and Academics Ethics and Reforms. WALDEN University, USA Vol. 2 No. 2

Dahunsi, F. O., Yusuf, A. O., (2015) Nature and Contents of Lesson Planning for Vocational and Technical Education Teachers. Published in TETFUND                                                         

Dahunsi, F. O., Adelaja, S. R., Zosu, S. J. (2010) Effective Implementation of Technical And Vocational Education Policy in Lagos State Secondary and Technical School. LAJOVTED Vol. 5, No. 1                                                                                                                       

Dahunsi, F. O., Ganthonu, J. O., (2008) Power Supply and Office Machine Operations. LAJOVTED Vol. 3. No. 3.                                                                                                   

Books of abstract

Dahunsi, F. O., Ganthonu, J. O., Dacosta, F. A., Adebayo, A. S.(2010) Safety Rules and Regulations for Students Industrial Work  Experience Scheme (SIWES)


(i)      School of vocational and Technical Education (SVTE) seminar            –           Dec. 2012      

(ii)     Advanced Digital Appreciation Programme for Tertiary

         Institution                                                                                   –           2015

(iii)    Research Method                                                                      –           2012

(iv)     Centre for Sandwich degree Programme University of Ado-Ekiti,

Seminar workshop – Jan.,                                                                       2005

(v)     AOCOED Information and Communication Technology Workshop-Nov. 2002           

(vi)    AOCOED Distinguished Lecture Series Mar., 2004

(vii)   AOCOED Distinguished Lecture Series Mar., 2002

Contribution to the college and residential community

  • Donation, Supervision of Installation of Panasonic

Intercomm (Panasonic 324 system) in SVTE Deans Office                    2015

  • Donation of Books to the College Library    2013
  • Letter of Commendation by the College Admission Drive Committee 2016
  • Letter of Appreciation for financial Support to Mountain of fire

and miracle ministers, Benson Zonal Headquarter, Ikorodu Lagos   2010

  • Letter of Appreciation/Commendation for Writing Tanus Workshops:

Basic science and Technology Primary Book 4 and Junior Secondary

School Book 3 Workbooks                                                                   2014

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