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Dr. Kafaru A. B. - (H.O.D.)

A warm welcome to The Department of Fine and Applied Arts Education, which was established at the then Advanced Teachers College, Surulere in October, 1974. At that time, it had the NCE Primary programme. In 1977, the status changed from NCE Primary to NCE Secondary programme. Fine Arts was then combined with History, English and other related subjects. The program was changed in 1981 to a double major course. In 1992, it became a Department in the School of Vocational and Technical Education. The Department has participated in many arts exhibitions both National and International.

About Us

In preparing syllabus for this programme, serious consideration was given to the Primary School Syllabus for N.C.E Secondary Sciences).

When in 1977, the College changed from N.C.E Primary to N.C.E Secondary, Fine Art was then restricted to those students who choose it as one of the two subjects for their combination e.g. History/Art, English/Art etc. Since there was no uniform syllabus for N.C.E secondary throughout the Country, the only choice left to us was to draw comparison from the syllabus of the existing College of Education and Advanced Teachers Colleges, to enable the College prepare a reasonable standard syllabus for the development.

The syllabus was again changed in 1981 when Fine Art became double major. The syllabus also undergone some changes in 1985 until uniform syllabus was started under the NCCE.

Formally, the unit alongside music was made to become the department of creative and cultural Arts in the school of Arts and Social Science until 1992 when it became a unit in the department of Vocational and Technical Education as recommended by the NCCE which now prepare a unified syllabus for all Colleges of education. The Vocational and Technical Education later developed into school and from there emerge Fine and Applied Arts Department.

Fine and Applied art department is a unique one in the sense that it now has 8 to 9 courses under four units – Arts History, Art Education, Drawing and Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Graphics Design and Textile Design. The studios are designed in line with unit system and all the lecturers are expert in the area of specialization.

The department that started with one lecturer has currently developed to staff strength of 5 Lecturers,1 Chief Instructor, 1 Principal Instructor, 1 Art Technical Officer, 1 Computer Graphics Operator and 2 Models. Occasionally, enjoy the service of consultants in ceramics technology, and local craftsman/woman in mat weaving.

The department has produced outstanding Art Educators currently serving in all part of the country and overseas, and has participated in both local, state, national and international art related activities, such as trade fair, book fair, national and international art competitions, gallery, museum and art & cultural programmes.

All mentioned exhibitions were commended by the State Government. In the college, the department has contributed to the development of the college, on environmental beautification and painting of some lecture halls, offices particularly in preparation for ceremonies and accreditation exercises. The department made a monumental remark on the casting of the college logo at the two main gates to the college.

The ceremonies on the campus have always been recorded with the banners, gifts, souvenirs, plaques and customized window blinds designed by the department.

The department has produced two college Deputy Provosts and two Deans at different occasions. Also, it is on record that some senior members have served in various capacities, e.g. member, state universal basic education board, JAMB, Professional programme of Lagos state university board. Some have gone on sabbatical leave for exchange programme both in the college of education and polytechnic in Nigeria, served as external moderators to programmes, projects, promotion of senior academic staff.


To produce the much needed skillful and dedicated teachers and practicing artists that will serve the Nation in the area of Cultural and Creative Arts, in line with the National Policy on Education.


To meet with the required NCCE.

Scope and Responsibilities/Services Provided

  • To produce academic and professional trainings for the NCE and Degree students in Fine and Applied Arts and to develop students’ perception on aesthetics, ensure creativity, promotion of our culture and leadership qualities; and
  • To contribute to the growth of entrepreneurship skills and empowerment.

Staff Welfare

The academics enjoy both local and international trainings in workshops, seminars exhibitions and conferences 


Several national/international art exhibitions/seminars and workshops have been organized. Students from the Department perform wonderfully well in Post-NCE programmes. Some of our products are lecturers in some higher institutions.


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Members of Staff

1. DR. KAFARU A. B.   HND, BA, MA, PGDE, PHD Principal Lecturer      
2. AIYETERU M.   NCE, BA, MFA Senior Lecturer      
3. ADAMS O. I.   OND, HND, BA, TTC, MSC, MFA Chief Instructor      
4. OLUWA M. O.   OND, HND, BA, PGDE, MFA Prin. Tech Instructor 1      
5. AJAYI N. O.   NCE, BA.ED, TTC Lecturer 1      
6. ORIDOLA I. A.   NCE, BA, MFA Lecturer      
7. AZEEZ O. R.   OND, BA, MSC, MA in view Lecturer      
8. JAGUN K. A.   OND, HND Technical Art Officer/


9. ADERINTO O. A.   SSCE, Dip. in Info-Tech, BA in view Computer Graphics Officer      
10. YINUSA M.   S.75 86 Artist Model      
11. KOLA A.   FSLC 72 Artist Model      

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