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Mr. Yusuf A. O.
Mr. Yusuf A. O. (H.O.D)

We are delighted to welcome you to the department of woodwork Technology. We have dual purpose although created and adapted to teaching of Woodwork related courses. We still involve in the designing and producing furniture items both interior and exterior decorations.

Fully side minded that our students are to have teaching qualifications alongside the practical’s, we have good hands to train, the practical’s and practical projects that are ready for use in homes and offices.

The watch-word for the department is ‘Safety and Quality’. The department tries as much to uphold integrity and quality of projects produced by staff and students.

About Us

In 1982, Government approved the setting up of the division of Technical Education to three Departments, Business, Home Economics and Engineering. The engineering department had two units, mechanical and building engineering.

In 1988, considering the NBTE curriculum, the engineering department was further divided into 5 units namely, Mechanical/Metalwork, Building/Woodwork, and Electrical/Electronics. The department fully adopting the NCCE a requirement in 1996, the department of mechanical/metalwork was renamed the department of Automobile Technology and department of Metal-work Technology.

Also, the department of Building/Woodwork was renamed The department of Woodwork and Building The college had since recognized the conditions, and based on NCCE minimum standards, students now specialize in their final year Woodwork Technology starting from 1998 academic session up to date.

The department has working (space area of 25.5 square metres) on which four heavy duty machines, 25 workbenches, storerooms, offices to accommodate lecturers. The working capacity of the department has three highly experienced lecturers and three workshop attendants to assist in the teaching of practicals.

The department has been involved in carrying our research both at the college and school levels, the department has previously been headed by three lecturers namely Mr. Okeowo S.O., Raji L.L. and Akinlabi S.A. (Late).

Our strength lies on the knowledge experience of the staff in the field of woodwork carrying out some initial production activities on projects is a challenge that seen to bring resilience in the work, opportunities are usually created through the college management and the procurement unit of the college when product such as office-chairs, tables, partition are given to us for construction for the college use.

The department has adequate tools and equipment to use in both teaching and learning provided by the college management.

Provision is made to ‘see yourself’ at point of entering into and exit from the department as a matter of ‘show me’ exercise. Hygienic and clean conveniences are available for the state, students and visitors.    


  • To produce Technical teachers who will be able to teach Woodwork Technology at Senior Secondary Level
  • To produce qualified teachers and practitioners of Technology capable of teaching Basic Technology in Junior Secondary School level.
  • To produce NCE teachers who will be able to inculcate the scientific knowledge, technological skills, positive attitudes and values into the society.


The vision is to produce technical teachers and medium skilled individuals with intellectual and professional background adequate for teaching Basic Technology at Junior Secondary School Level and Woodwork subjects at the Senior Secondary Level.

Core Values

The department core values are integrity, discipline, punctuality and uprightness in our dealings with members of staff in the college. We give welfare to both students and lecturers, we adore neatness and maintain clean and conducive learning environment. “SAFETY FIRST” is our watchword.

Services Provided

The Woodwork Department has participated in Woodwork Item Production for ventures and exhibition of Woodwork projects at the College and State Levels. Services in the Department  include :Wood Machining, Upholstery Design and Construction, Finishing, Furniture Construction and Carpentry Services.


The results of our research work has been fully utilized by the present administration at the state level to train artisans on entrepreneur programmes

The products of the department performs wonderfully well in post NCE programmes. Many of whom are lecturers and teachers in some higher institutions. Furniture items produced in the department are of higher quality.

Our Projection/Plan

The Department has been carrying out research work to improve teaching and woodwork items. The Department projects to establish and produce at professional level, consultancy service, production of doors, frames and office/home furniture items for consumption by the community at large. This will however provide an Internal Generated Revenue (IGR) for the college.


work force
woodwork craft - dining table
woodwork craft - centre table
woodwork craft - Bookshelves Divider
woodwork craft - 1.8 x 1.8 Divan Bed
woodwork practice
woodwork department aocoed
woodwork craft 4
woodwork craft 3
woodwork craft 2
woodwork craft - side stool

Members Of Staff

1 Mr. Yusuf A.O. NCE (TECH) 1987, B.SC (TECH) 1993, M.Ed(Tech)2000 Principal Lecturer/HOD
2 Mr. Okeowo S.O. NCE(TECH) 1983, B.SC (TECH) 1991, M.Ed(Psy)1997,M.Ed(Tech) 2016 Senior Lecturer
4 Mr. Yinusa B.A. (WASSCE) 1988, (GCE) 2002, 2003,  TRADE TEST i-ii-iii,  B.SC(ED) POL.SC. Senior Foreman
5 Mr. Ramoni .K PRY SCHOOL, TRADE I-ii-iii 1994 Senior Foreman
6 Mr. Adesina D. TRADE TEST iii 1995,TRADE TEST II 1998 ,TRADE TEST I 2000 Senior Foreman

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