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Security Unit


Security Unit is a service entity established either in Public Private, Retail, Wholesale, or Transport whose primary task is to prevent crime. The presence of security officers within the premises of an organization/institution often serves as deterrent to potential law breakers, criminals and terrorists alike. The essence of establishing a security unit therefore is to ensure safe, peaceful and conducive environment for the progress and success of the organization/institution.

The Security Unit has been an integral part of the College since it was established in 1958. Since then, it has continued to provide security services that enable the College to ensure high standards in Teacher Education.


To provide a safe and crime free environment for the conduct of teaching, learning, research and administration in conjunction with external security agencies.


To provide a peaceful enabling environment for the production of excellent teachers for the nation’s educational system.

Scope and Responsibilities

Services provided include:

  • Access or gate control;
  • Anti-cult security operation;
  • Provision of timely security information;
  • Formulation and implementation measures for crime detection and prevention;
  • Advising management on matters relating to security;
  • Liaising with external security agencies; and
  • Fire prevention and fire-fighting.

Mode of Operation

The unit is divided into three (3) sections supposedly under a sectional head:

  • Operations Section: This is being headed by an Operation Officer. The operations here comprise of only the regular/conventional uniformed security staff that run three (3) shift duties of (i) Morning (ii) Afternoon and (iii) Night. These classes of operatives are detailed for regular guard duties at the various allocated beats, orderly duties with Principal Officers and special duties in offices and facilities.
  • Special Duty Section: Comprises of senior experienced intelligent security officer as head and a few officers and men. This section prides itself with intelligent and experienced personnel whose duties include, surveillance intelligence gathering, investigation, security/crime report writing, etc.
  • Campus Marshal Section: This is the third arm and the biting teeth of the security unit. It boasts of gallant, courageous, intelligent and law abiding officers usually led by ex-service personnel. These officers attend to all manner of security breach/challenge and are empowered to bring about peaceful atmosphere on campus with minimal force.