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Academic Affairs Division


The Academic Affairs Office/Division is as old as the College, as it is not possible for an academic institution to exist without this office. Most of the time, the Academic Office is referred to as the “brain” of the College because of the various functions which are reflected in the composition of its units as follows:

  • Academic Board Matters;
  • Management Information Services;
  • Certificate;
  • Examination & Record; and
  • Transcript

Academic Board Matters:

The unit performs the following functions:

  • Preparation for the Regular and Emergency meetings of the Academic Board;
  • Production of minutes, position papers and decision extracts of Academic Board meetings;
  • Conduct of election for the “elected members” of the Academic Board; and
  • Supervision of Deanship elections in the schools.


This unit compiles statistical data of students from all academic programmes run by the College.


The Unit is saddled with the following responsibilities: Treating omissions and wrong spelling in the students’ certificate.

  • Vetting of written certificates;
  • Preparation of students’ certificate for the signatures of Registrar, Provost and NCCE.
  • Production of certificate pages for omissions and wrongly spelt names.
  • Supervision of calligraphers (certificate writers) – Secretary College Certificate Committee.


The unit performs the following responsibilities:

  • Keeping of academic records of students;
  • Processing of transcript for ex-students of the College.
  • Verification and authentication of results on request from other institutions or establishments interested in recruiting the ex-students of the College.
  • Preparation for the examinations which involved submission of question papers to be moderated by external moderators; and
  • Working hand-in-hand with the Committee of Deans to draft the Academic Calendar and also with the Chairman, Committee of HODs to draft the examination time table.


  • The Unit prepares the transcript of students under strict confidentiality.
  • The transcripts are posted to necessary institutions as requested.


  • Prompt release of results, certificates, transcript, mobilization of fresher’s for matriculation and screening of results for prospective candidates.