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The College Sports Council metamorphosed from Sports Committee to Sports Council in 2008 with the same objectives and functions.


In order to ensure the expected contribution of sports to the overall development of the College, the mission statement for the Sports Council shall be:

  • The provision of quality service that will enhance the acquisition of skills, techniques and tactics useful for efficiency in Amateur Sports for students and gainful leisure time for staff and the entire College Community.
  • To support institutional sports development at the State, National and International levels.

Scope and Responsibilities

The following are hereby identified as the main components of the College Sports programme:

- Institutional Sports: These include Intramural and Extramural Sports Competitions

  • Intra – School Sports Competition
  • Inter – School Sports Competition
  • Inter – Club Sports Competition

- Extramural Sports include:

  • Zonal Tertiary Institutions Games & Friendly Games.
  • Lagos State Tertiary Institutions Game and Friendly Games
  • Nigeria Colleges of Education Games Association
  • Nigeria Tertiary Institutions Games Association
  • West Africa Colleges of Education Games Association.
  • Other Invitational Games at the State, National and International levels.

Mode of Operation

 The creation of the College Sports Council stems from the yearnings and aspirations of the stakeholders in the development of sports at Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Otto Ijanikin Lagos.  The conviction that sports offers a unifying force and is an avenue for bringing people together regardless of their religious affiliation, ethnic background, cultural leaning, geopolitical background, and ideological differences attest to its importance in the society. Sports has become part of the modern society as its influence is being felt in all facets of the College, the State, National level and the World as a whole.

Above all, sports philosophy is informed by the College aspiration to use sports as a political propaganda for the advancement of democracy, international recognition and the preparation of youths for self reliance.

Other values promoted by sports are as follows:

  • Development of knowledge and mental alertness.
  • Development of physical skills and fitness.
  • Development of desirable social attributes like discipline, honesty, tolerance, and positive competitive drive.
  • Providing a database for future elite athletes.
  • Identification of young talents for local, state, national and international sports competitions.