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Office of Registrar


The Registrar’s Office has been in existence since the establishment of the College in 1958.


To achieve the set goals of the Registry efficiently and within the shortest time frame.


  • To be the efficient and effective wheel to drive the AOCOED organization along its goals and objectives.
  • To transform the Registry into an administrative set-up that is next to none
  • To put in place machinery for generating first class administrative personnel.

Scope and Responsibilities

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for opening, re-routing, recording, classifying, indexing and filing of all correspondence and other documents, so as to facilitate their identification and location, supplying files on demand. It also prepares, dispatches and records precedents. The Registry is also the administrative hub of the College, as all matters and issues ultimately pass through it to get to the proper action officer.


Appropriate dissemination of information within the College and efficient record keeping.