School Of Education

Welcome to School of Education

The School which is regarded as the mother of all Schools in the College in the sense that every student in the College has general courses to offer in the School. The School of Education is one of the foremost ones in Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education and was formerly called the Department of Education with a Head of Department as the administrative leader.

In the 1976/1977 session, when the College commenced the training of secondary school teachers, the former Department of Education became ‘Division of Education’ and headed by a Director. The then Division of Education had three (3) departments namely:

  • Department of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Department of Educational Psychology, Guidance and Counseling; and
  • Department of Educational Foundations and Administration.
Thereafter, the Division of Education metamorphosed into the School of Education. The Dean is the overall Head of the School, while the departments are manned by different Heads of Departments (HODs). There are currently four departments in the School namely:

  • Educational Psychology, Guidance and Counseling;
  • Curriculum and Instruction;
  • Foundations and Administration; and
  • General Studies in Education (GSE)

  • By the end of the NCE programme, the students should be able to:
  • Discuss intelligently the main ideas that have affected and still affect the development and practice of education generally, and in Nigeria in particular;
  • Examine the main psychological, health and socio-economic factors that may help or hinder learners’ educational performance;
  • Study learners appropriately to determine the most effective ways of relating with them and ensure their maximum achievement;
  • Professionally combine the use of conventional methods with ICT or other innovational learning strategies in generating and imparting knowledge, attitudes and skills;
  • Develop, select and effectively use appropriate curriculum processes, teaching strategies, instructional materials and methods for maximum achievement;
  • Broaden their intellectual perspective through the General Studies Education Programme;
  • Demonstrate desirable attributes in moral and character development;
  • Discuss intelligently major issues affecting teacher education and the teaching profession in Nigeria;
  • Identify major problems of education in Nigeria, and their corresponding solutions;
  • Demonstrate proficiency in measurement and evaluation, learning outcomes; and
  • Carry out appropriate research on educational problems In Nigeria.