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Welcome to Part Time Programme

School of Part-Time Studies is an offshoot of the Teachers' Vacation Programme between the Division of Education of the then Lagos State College of Education and the Curriculum Division of Education of the Lagos State Ministry of Education. The Curriculum Division was responsible for the nomination of Candidates, who were solely Primary School Teachers in the Lagos State School System for the Programme while the TVC-NCE outfit in the then Lagos State College of Education handled the Students in various Courses leading to the National Certificate in Education (NCE).


The TVC-NCE Programme was transferred to the Lagos State University (LASU) after its establishment in the year 1986. During the period, there existed a tripartite arrangement in which the Programme was funded and centrally administered by the Curriculum Division of the Lagos State Ministry of Education, and LASU with LACOED providing the Academic team for the Programme. The TVC-NCE Programme in LASU was managed by a TVC-NCE Board which was appointed by the Faculty of Education of Lagos State University with representations from the Curriculum Division of Lagos State Ministry of Education and Lagos State College of Education.

The establishment of the National Commission for the Colleges (NCCE) by decree No. 3 of 1989 dictated the return of the TVC-NCE Programme to Lagos State College of Education in 1991. In September 1991, the School of Part-Time Studies commenced operation with one thousand, two hundred and sixty-eight (1,268) NCE students. Out of this number, eight hundred and sixty-six (866) were transferred Students of the TVC-NCE Programme from the Lagos State University while four hundred and twenty (420) were admitted by the School of Part-Time Studies for the 100 level courses in that year.

The return of the TVC-NCE Programme to the Lagos State College of Education in 1991 witnessed a lot of changes in terms of its Administration and Academic Programmes. The Programme came under the Management of School of Part-Time Studies headed by a substantive Dean with complementary administrative and supporting staff. The return of the TVC-NCE Programme to the College in 1991 led to the birth of the 6th School in the Lagos State College of Education � The School of Part-Time Studies. The Part-Time NCE Programme advertisement, in that year, paved way for the inclusion of Teachers from the Private Schools and other qualified Secondary School Leavers in the admission exercise.

The School of Part-Time Studies became an integral unit of the Lagos State College of Education Ventures outfit, the LACOED Ventures Limited in 1994. Since then, the School has played prominent and leading roles in the development and sustenance of the LACOED Ventures Limited through her revenue generating activities. Statistical records available in the School show that between 1991 and 1998, the School admitted a total of one thousand, six hundred and seventy-one students (1,671) and graduated one thousand, one hundred and twenty-six (1,126) during the same period.    

The School of Part-Time Studies was established to provide academic opportunity for working class individuals in order to upgrade their educational status as well as providing readily available alternative for those who are unable to gain admission into the regular N.C.E Programme.

Over the last couple of years, the School of Part-Time Studies has been able to attract a sizeable pool of candidates from Private Schools in the State, as well as provide expertise and skills for Secondary Schools leavers that desire a career path in the teaching profession.

The School has in no little measure provided a steady flow of revenue into the College coffers through her aggressive admission drive, without compromising standards as stipulated by the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE).

The School currently runs a total of Ninety (90) courses across five schools viz the School of Primary Education, Science, Arts and Social Sciences, Vocational and Technical Education and Languages with a population of over Four Thousand (4,000) Students.

The School runs virtually all the NCE courses that exist in the full time programme but for four years. And also, strategic planning, budgets, curriculums, facilities and research are all handled by a Dean which is same as full time programme. Lectures are taken during the weekends and the courses are taught by the same set of lecturers handling full time NCE programme.


  1. To provide adequate supply of well qualified non-graduate teachers in accordance to requirement of both Federal and State Ministries of Education and the National Commission of Colleges of Education (NCCE).
  2. To conduct research with particular reference to relevant fields in Education


  1. To produce qualified graduate teachers that can compete favorably well with other graduates of Higher Institution in Nigeria, most especially in the areas of skills acquisition via entrepreneurship education and professionalism.

Core Values

The following are the Core Values of the School of Part-Time Studies

  1. Corporate existence
  2. Hard work
  3. Professional ethical behavior
  4. Producing results on target
  5. Respect for Staff and Students
  6. Pursuing and adhering to the collective dream of the College



In the past years, the Admissions unit of the School of Part-Time studies had been responsible for the sales of forms to prospective candidates via Bank Tellers and payment of a specified amount (N2,500) into the College account, a receipt of payment is obtained from the Bursary Department, following which an admission form is collected from the Admission's unit by the prospective candidate but the admission process for year 2017/ 2018 was via on- line process, in which the amount of three thousand, five hundred naira (N3,500) for the sales of form and five hundred naira (N500) processing fees is payable to the College account.


In the past years, Students who underwent screening and had fulfilled the admission requirements specified by the School of Part-Time Studies were issued Admission Letters prior to the date of Matriculation but the admission for year 2017/2018, Candidates were issued Admission Letters via online process  


The School of Part-Time Studies has been able to sustain her students enrolment figures by making provisions for Students with deficiency in relevant subjects to be bonded.  Students are encouraged to pay their tuition fees in installments with a view to easing their financial burden. The enrolment figure for 2017/2018 Academic Session for all students from year one to four is five thousand and nine (5,009) Students.


2016/2017 Academic Session payment of Teaching Practice, SIWES, Project Supervision and Teaching Honorarium was sourced from the College account. However, the School currently pays the aforementioned allowance from the School of Part-Time account. This has been achieved by the School through strict enforcement of the payment of School Levies by the students in the School of Part-Time Studies.  


In the past years under the past Boards, the School has assisted the College Community with the provision of litter bins, public address system, donation of chairs and tables to AOCOED Staff School and notice boards to various Schools. Similarly, students individual Clubs, Societies and Groups in or within Oto-Awori Community are occasionally assisted by the Board.


Given the huge numbers of Students that have enrolled in the School of Part-Time Studies, creation of Students' files and update of Students' records has been difficult. However, over the last 12 months the School has been able to create files for the majority of students in the School of Part-Time Studies (SPS). The exercise is ongoing and each bona-fide student is expected to have a file before the expiration of the 2017/2018 session.


The Admission requirements for the students of the School of Part-Time Studies had been modified to meet the NCCE requirements. Candidates for Admission are to present a West African Senior School Certificate (WASC), Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSCE), General Certificate in Education (GCE), O Level, NECO, NABTEB with at least five (5) credits including English Language, Mathematics and three (3) other relevant subjects at not more than two (2) sittings. Teachers Grade II Certificate including a credit in English Language, Mathematics and three (3) Credits Merits in relevant subjects is also acceptable. Federal Crafts Training Certificate with a credit in English Language, Mathematics and three (3) other relevant subjects is as well recognized and acceptable.

However, students who have deficiencies in their results could be placed on bond, pending the fulfillment of the deficient results.


Programmes are run on weekend basis, the lecture periods are as follows:

Fridays 2:00 p.m.    -  6:00 p.m.

Saturday 9:00 a.m.  -  6:00 p.m.

Sunday 12 noon      -  6:00 p.m.


The Operational Curriculum has been streamlined by the Directorate of Academic Planning, in accordance with the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE).

The School provides opportunity for her students to proceed on Teaching Practice and SIWES, in order to allow better exposure to classroom experience.

The School operates a total of eight (8) semesters which leads to the award of NCE Certificate.

Board Members

The activities of the School are currently run by eight (8) Board members under the Deanship of Dr. Kikelomo  Adeniyi. and other Board members as follows:

Mr. Kikelomo Adeniyi.                 Dean, SPS                                Chairman

Mr. Ogunlusi, R.O                       Coordinator, SOS                      Member

Mr. Ogunlusi, R.O                       Coordinator, SOS                      Member

Mrs. Beyioku, J.B                        Coordinator, SASS                    Member

Dr. ASA, K.O                               Coordinator, SVTE                    Member

Mr. Hunyigbo, A.O                       Coordinator, SEDU                   Member

Mrs. Adekoya, E.O                      Coordinator, SLAN                    Member

Mr. Sobulo, E.A                            Coordinator, SECPED              Member

Mrs. Omorojor, J. E.                     Finance Officer                         Member

Mrs. Odukaiye, O.O                     Programme Secretary              Member/Secretary



Candidates who registered online would undergo screening and processing into various Department as may be deemed appropriate by the Coordinator of the School in which the Candidate is applying for, however, students with deficiencies in any relevant subject would be bonded.


It has been the tradition of the School of Part-Time Studies to conduct yearly matriculation ceremony for the newly admitted 100 level students. The year 2017/2018 Academic Session Matriculation Ceremony for the School of Part-Time Studies was successfully conducted on Saturday, 14th April, 2018.


The School of Part-Time Studies usually organize yearly Orientation Programme for the newly admitted 100 level students to make the students familiar and to create awareness on the activities of the College. The year 2017/2018 Academic Session Orientation Exercise was successfully conducted on Saturday, 17th March, 2018.


The record unit of the School of Part-Time Studies is responsible for the opening of files for students that has been admitted. In addition, every student is expected to present a medical form duly certified by the College Medical Director. Upon the completion of the Second Semester Examination, the Record Unit updates the file of every student by adding the Course Registration Form, Examination Form, Receipt of payment of School Fees into each students file.


Upon the completion of First and Second Semester Examination, individual Lecturers in respective School submits their Examination Scores to their various Coordinators in the School to Compute the results of the students across the five(5) Schools.


The Dean, School of Part-Time Studies in collaboration with the Teaching Practice Committee usually organize Teaching Practice Briefing for both students of the School of Part-Time Studies as well as Internal and External Supervisors that will assess students on Teaching Practice Exercise.


The School Officer with the assistance of the Coordinator verifies the results of students on a yearly basis with the aim of ensuring that students that have been placed on bond meet the requirements specified for admission before their year of graduation.

Staff Members

1.Mr. Akindele, S. A.
NCE’80,B.A.(ED) ’85,M.ED’88
Chief Lecturer
2.Mrs. Salam, Z. O.
WASC ’92, GCE ’95, OND’98.
Principal Assistant Registrar


Mrs. Odukaiye, O. O.
SSCE’92, NCE’94, B.SC(ED)’99,MPA
Principal Assistant Registrar
4.Mr. Mafimisebi, B.
WASC ’83
Assistant Chief Executive Officer
5.Mr. Olakanmi S. O.
Assistant Chief Executive Officer (Account)
6.Mrs. Fayehun, Y. O.
WASC’82,OND’85 ADV NAPTEB,120 /60’04,BSC.ED’04
Personal Confidential Secretary
7.Mrs. Hundeyin, K. A.
Chief Clerical Officer
8.Mrs. Ojo, J. B.
Chief Clerical Officer
9.Mr. Mamud, M. S.
FSLC’93, SSCE’99, GCE’99
Chief Clerical Officer